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Front Stoop and Landscape in West Bergen - East Lincoln Park Historic District, Jersey City

I love working with clients to update their front stoops and landscaping. They had crumbling steps, overgrown vines and needed an update. Historically, the area is interesting because it was once a quaint, 19th Century, “streetcar suburb” of Jersey City and New York City which is why the scale of so many of the homes is oversized when compared to homes downtown and has a variety of Architectural styles from the 1880's to the 1920's.

Architecturally, the majority of the buildings are classified as “Late Victorian” and “Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals.” But the West Bergen-East Lincoln Park Historic District is truly recognized for its assortment of architecture based on a late-Victorian-love of aesthetic variety. There are over 15 styles of architecture on display in the district–the Queen Anne style is the most represented–and it’s this diversity that sets it apart from downtown’s historic districts (Paulus Hook, Hamilton Park, Harismus Cove, and Van Vorst Park).

Check out the before and after!

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